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Since high school, I have been continuously involved in writing, photography, design and publishing. At the College of Central Florida, I reported for the school's newspaper, the Patriot Press. I then became the photography editor, which I continued to do for a year. The Patriot Press ran stories from students in Introduction to Journalism, and as the photography editor, I managed the class's photos - choosing, editing, teaching and taking when the students couldn't.

On the newspaper staff I learned many valuable skills such as laying pages in InDesign and editing photos in in Photoshop, along with reporting, editing stories and working as a team.

While at CCF, I received a book publishing internship at Atlantic Publishing in Ocala. There I was a graphic designer, learning how to layout books with InDesign. After a few months I was given a full-time job as a graphic designer, and after that I was the lead graphic designer. I worked at the company for over a year, designing, editing and working books through the publication process.

I transferred to the University of Florida as a junior majoring in journalism. I began freelancing for INsite magazine's blog, the #1 entertainment magazine in Gainesville. I covered several types of stories ranging from music to food. I also freelanced for the Independent Florida Alligator.

I received a part-time job as a copy-editor at the Alligator, reading over stories for fact errors and ap/grammar issues before they went to press.

I am also the historian for UF's chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, where I take photos at the events we put on and put together a newsletter every month.

With working on a school newspaper as a reporter, writing in my blog, freelancing for INsite and the Alligator and taking Reporting at UF, I have interviewed many people, had many different experiences and have learned a lot. I love every aspect of magazines and books, and hope to have a career in either.

On the side, I love to take photographs and write in my blog - filled with columns, reviews, fashion and interesting things I find.

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