Travel Resources

One thing I've learned during my travels is that you have to go wherever you are going fully prepared. My most recent trip to Snowmass Village, Colorado has taught me some important things about traveling in icy conditions. Some items you might forget when packing for your trip include:


In addition to those items, I recommend the following when planning your next adventure:

This website will save you a lot of time when searching for your flight or hotel. It allows you to search all the popular travel resource sites like travelocity and priceline in one click. Besides this website, once you find a hotel you are interested in, go to that hotel's website and check the rates. Sometimes the deals are better there but sometimes you can find a great deal elsewhere.

Once you've decided where you want to go, make sure you pack appropriately. If you are heading to a cold place, pack more coats than you think you will need. One of the things I learned while on my trip to Colorado was that your clothes will get wetter than you expect. Bring several pairs of shoes to save your feet from frostbite. I cannot stress enough the importance of wool. Cotton jeans will just leave you cold due to their breath-ability. The extra clothes you bring might just end up on a snowman at some point as well.

Now that you're packed, it's time to leave! The best thing I have ever done is make a list of the things I wanted to bring and cross them off as I put them in my bag. It may seem like an extra step but it will save you some heartache later on when you meant to bring your camera and left it sitting on top of your dresser.

If you decided to drive, be prepared for extended sitting. Pack easy lunches and dinners so you don't have to stop often for food. If you are bring other people with you, make sure you know how much they eat if you are willing to share your food with them. If they have high metabolisms, you might end up running out of food much earlier than you expected!

Make sure you allot extra time in your schedule for snafus. You will most likely stop more times than you expected and you may not leave at the time of day that you planned to. Sometimes there are detours or heavy traffic that will add time to your trip. When driving through mountains, be aware that rock slides happen and sometimes your planned route will be closed. Don't panic, just take a breath and follow the detour signs.

Always, always bring extra money. Sometimes unexpected things will happen and you'll need to pay for something you hadn't planned for. For instance, when driving through the snow, learn beforehand what roads are bad to drive on in the winter and don't be surprised if your car gets stuck in the snow. Know the number for roadside assistance or AAA. Be aware that some roads are not covered by these services and the tow truck will cost extra.

Once you arrive, have a good time! You planned this vacation to have fun or relax, so do what you want to do! Take in the sights and enjoy the local activities. If you traveled a great distance to get there, you should be excited for the new terrain.