Hobbies and Interests


I believe there is a complexity to my interests that would just seem silly at first glance. I like to think that it is difficult to assess my personality upon a first meeting, but that is probably just wishful thinking.

Some of my favorite experiences include making that popping sound when squishing a grape with my teeth, smelling the pages of an old dusty book, and running my fingers across an unusual texture. I suppose I could be considered a simple person, since I enjoy the little things in life, but I do partake in more complicated hobbies as well.


My hobbies include art(drawing, painting, photography), traveling, cooking and baking, playing excessive amounts of video games, browsing the internet for far too many hours, and sampling new and exotic cuisines as often as possible.

To see more of my art, you can view my gallery at Deviantart. Some of the pieces may contain adult concepts.

Beside the hobbies that I try to participate in frequently, I also have interests in music, HTML, gardening, and foreign languages. Although I take much joy in all of the previously mentioned things, I can't really call them hobbies since I am actually really bad at all of them. I'll give myself credit for at least trying to engage in new activities, though.