Traveling is essential in my life. Most of my family lives in Peru, my mother lives in Germany, and I can't stay still in one place. Since my mom moved to Europe, it has been easier to explore other countries.

I have been to Italy, France, Austria and of course, Peru and Germany. Probably the most memorable images I have from traveling are from Venice. It was sunset, and the city had a golden undertone. I went up to a bridge and looked at the old buildings surrounded by water. The city was like a painting.

I knew that once I entered UF, my traveling wouldn't be as often. So, before entering in the Fall, I made one special trip. During the summer I found my Peruvian childhood friend Raquel in Facebook, and I was thrilled. To my bigger surprise, she now lives in New Jersey. Instantly, I booked my flight to New Jersey and to make it extra special, I bought tickets to see my favorite band, Local Natives.

We saw them play at The Beach in Governor's Island, NYC. Probably the coolest concert venue I ever attended. The Beach only has concerts in the summer, and it has a priceless view of NYC.

We planned to stay in New York during my three-day visit. That weekend, I used every single transportation: A plane, subways, a Greyhound bus, a ferry, and taxis. No hotel was booked, we stayed in acquaintances' places. We loved it. It was an adventure. We didn't know where we were going to end up, but we kept saying, "We are from Peru, we grew up in adventures."