Before transferring to UF in the fall, I took a UF Study Abroad class in Berlin. It was a photojournalism class that lasted for about 2 weeks in May. All 12 of us got along great. It was a perfect class for me. Not only did I learn the basics of photography, I saw my mom and got 3 UF credits before starting fall.

I had never been to Berlin before. My mom lives around Munich, and it's 6 hours away from Berlin. She always talked about taking me to Berlin, and seeing the Berlin Wall. I found out about the class while at USF. I had just sent out my transfer application and was waiting for a reply. While on Facebook, a post from USF said UF was accepting applications from other schools. I contacted professor John Freeman and was ready to sign up for the class.

Berlin is quirky but beautiful. In Berlin, there is a mix of rebellion, history and gorgeous people. One part of the Berlin Wall was brightly decorated. Cluttered with colors and images, it was amazing against the grey sky. I also got very lucky and saw the exhibition of my favorite painter, Frida Kahlo. I couldn't believe I saw her real paintings in the most unexpected place, Berlin!

During the class, we had to find Berliners to interview and make our slideshow projects. Overall, I loved the class. I made good friends and would study abroad again and again. I have fallen in love with Berlin. I could see myself living there … in a heartbeat! Since I do have family living there, I see the strong possibility in the future. Moving to another country won't be my challenge, its the intimidating German. From now on, I will dedicate myself to speak German. Well, I have to. I have a 3-year-old German sister, and she refuses to speak Spanish. I will probably take her Deutsch story books and start my lessons from there.