My inspiration to study journalism came from my grandfather. He was an established political journalist in Peru. I remember going to his house and he would show me all the black-and-white pictures of him with presidents, military leaders and political figures.

He spoke so well. His stories always captivate an audience. He is retired and I haven't seem him in years, but I heard he still grumps over a grammar mistake in a newspaper. He is happy that I'm studying journalism, and beyond content that it is in Florida.

I started my first two years of college at USF St. Petersburg Campus. My lack of money kept me from going to another college, but I received financial aid during my sophomore year. I decided to invested the money by going to another school to finish my last two years.

My good friend, Lindsay (right), started college at UF. I never hear of UF until she told me she was going there. Lindsay needed help to move into her dorm in Fall 2009, and I followed her to Gainesville. I was still thinking of transferring somewhere. When I saw the campus, I realized UF was my next step.

I transferred Fall 2010 as a junior. A couple of my Berlin classmates, my roommate and Lindsay have helped me a bunch with classes and getting around town. They are making Gainesville feel like my home.

The first time I moved to Florida from Peru, I remember seeing a sticker of UF mascot Albert in someone's car. Back then, I didn't know who Albert was or what it represented. Coming from South America, my first thought was "oh, it must be a soccer team."

It's funny how now, I wear my "Albert is my homeboy" t-shirt.

I say "Go Gators!"

The Gators are definitely not a soccer team.

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