Growing up in the South Florida metropolitan area, one of the largest markets in the country, meant having access to all types of professional sports steams.

I've been a huge baseball fan my whole life. I think it comes in part from my family, being that Venezuela is one of the world's top baseball player producing countires outside the US.

I also enjoy playing and following both kinds of football, hockey and basketball.


wearing my headphones

Again, this is something I think I picked up from my family, particularly my father. He was quite audiophile in his day, owning 1,000s of albums. That same hunger for music passed on to me.

I can't say I have the collection he used to, however I do have over 100 CDs and about 70 gigs of music on my computer. My favorite artist include: Tool, Led Zeppelin, Jay-Z, Pearl Jam, Mogwai, Deadmau5, Thievery Corporation, Orbital, The White Stripes, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, The Flaming Lips, Kid Cudi.