Since I was little I was always interested in sports. Whether I was playing them or simply just watching them, sports has always been my outlet. I played softball for 9 years, volleyball for 6 years and soccer for 5 years. In college, I got into intramurals and started trying new things such as beach volleyball, indoor soccer and even ultimate Frisbee.

Me competing in mud fest I was also privileged to be able to participate in a University of Florida tradition that has been going on for over 70 years! Mud Fest is put on annually by the Tolbert Area Council on the UF campus. It is a week-long event of mud competitions between select groups of dorms. I competed for two years while I lived on campus, and Mud Fest will probably be some of my most memorable college moments.

Other Stuff

I also love relaxing at the beach, going camping at Ginnie Springs Outdoors with my family and friends and riding as many roller coasters as I can. I do not think there is a roller coaster that I would not ride or a horror movie I would not watch. I really love animals too. I have such a soft heart for them. Almost all of my pets I rescued either from an animal shelter or from the streets.