My Top 4 Lesiure Web Sites


YouTube is one of my favorite sites. Anyone can upload a video to share with others so it is a great way to communicate with friends/family. With YouTube, virtually any video clip that you might want to see is most likely available. is a lot like YouTube in the sense that anyone can upload a video. The main feature that I would say set the two apart is YouTube you search for the videos you want to watch where with you can scroll through tons of videos. It just makes browsing easier sometimes when you do not know what you want to watch.


I can only describe NewFlix in one word: Amazing! If you are a movie watcher like I am, NetFlix is essential. It offers tons and tons of movies to watch instantly and you also get newer movies delivered in the mail. You can also watch NetFlix on your TV if you own a PS3. I think NetFlix put Blockbuster out of business, not Red Box.


I did not get a FaceBook until college. My friend forced me to get one and then, like so many others, I became addicted. FaceBook is a great way to keep in touch with friends. I know I would have lost touch with so many of my grade school friends if there was no FaceBook. Even though I still check it regularly, I am no longer the "FaceBook junkie" I used to be.