"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all."- Harriet Van Horne


Since moving to Gainesville I have really developed a passion for cooking. As a penniless college student, I figured out early on that the best way to save money would be to cook my own food. I stocked up on all the herbs and seasonings my mother uses back at home and learned, little by little, how to cook.I figured out what I like and what I don't like to eat, creating my own unique style. I learned how to make rice, beans, cut and season meat, what seasonings work best on different types of meat, what works with what as far as making a full meal, It was a really enjoyable experience. After making a plate of food, i would be overcome with pride for my culinary creations, always snapping shots of successful projects. I ended up with a collection of photos.

Steak is probably my favorite thing to cook aside form dessert. I love the texture and flavors of a juicy steak, there are several cuts and ways to prepare a steak. I use a special Puerto Rican seasoning called "sofrito". My mother makes it from scratch and freezes it for me, I then let it thaw and use it in almost all my recipe's. Im going to learn how to make it myself now that im living on my own. I also make rice and beans, it is just the perfect combination for puertorican steak. Delicious.

Pork Chops

While pork may not be my favorite cut of meat, I have a place in my heart for pork chops. My mother made pork chops for me all the time. I use my favorite seasoning, sofrito, and pan fry them to perfection. I like to cut out all the fat off the meat because it don't like the texture or the mouth full of grease you get when you bite into it.

On occasions when i don't really feel like making rice and beans i like to switch it up a little. I can make salad, mash potatoes, baked potatoes, and french fries.


I have always loved to make desserts. Cookies, cake, pies, I have done it all. Sugar has a way of making everything better, so fresh baked goods are present at my apartment during stressful times.

I also like to bake for special occasions and holidays. I make cheesecake for my mother's birthday, I make cupcakes for my sisters school and birthday and I make cookies for Christmas. Baking something from scratch is a nice way to show you care and it brings the family together.