Breathe, Stroke, Flip, Repeat

Two-a-day swim practices explain my high-school life at Palm Beach Gardens Community High School in a nut-shell. Swimming was my escape, my passion during my teen years.

I was captain of the team my junior and senior year.

My specialty stroke was butterfly. I swam the 200-yard medley, the 500-yard free-style, and the 50-yard butterfly in the 200-yard team medley.

I am currently not participating in any competitive swim clubs; however I still do swim for my own personal pleasure.

Life on the fitness train


After gaining a solid 15 pounds my freshman year of college, I saw the body I worked so hard for in high school dwindling away. I grew lazy and inactive. I knew I had to make a change and fast. My love for cooking and food wasn't going to change, but my waist line definitely was.

I jumped onto the fitness bandwagon. At first I dreaded my workouts, but that hate grew to like and gradually developed into a love or as my friends call it, an obsession with fitness.

I enjoy running, swimming, stadiums, spin-class, yoga and strength training. As cliche as it sounds, working out is the ultimate stress reliever.

I encourage my friends to participate and begin working out, not to push them to lose weight, rather to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Total clarity is when your head and your body come together, wanting and needing the exact same thing. Opposition and uncertainty within yourself disappears when you accomplish the objectives you set and reach the goals you make.