Favorite places I've been


The National Stadium, Beijing

I stayed in Beijing for almost four years for my undergraduate study in the Communication University of China. Being the capital of the country for hundreds of years, Beijing has a unique style of its own. Together with my friends, I have visited almost all the famous tourist sites there such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Shicha Lake, and 798 art zone. It's a city one will never get bored of because it's a city of profound history and vigor, where one can always have more to discover.

Jiuzhaigou Valley

The Five Color Lake in Jiuzhaigou Valleyn

I went to Jiuzhaigou Valley with my boyfriend and my best friend for our graduation tour this year. We stayed there for only two days and were totally enchanted by the beautiful sceneries. A Chinese saying goes "one enjoys no better water sceneries after visiting Jiuzhaigou Valley." I liked it the most when the snow peaks reflect themselves in the pure, crystal clear water. It was kind of a pity that the temperature was still low by the time we went there. There was not enough water from melted snow to fill all the lakes and form wide waterfalls and the colors were not very vibrant. I definitely will go back there in the future, hopefully in Autumn, to see Jiuzhaigou in its most beautiful colors.


My friend, Jianyao, and I enjoyed the hotpot in Chengdu

Chengdu was also part of my graduation tour. The city itself was not attractive to me, but I just loooooove its food! Chengdu's food is most famous for its spicy flavor. At first we were not used to it, but soon we were craving more and more. With another friend of mine living in Chengdu as our tour guide, we tried the most typical and authentic Chengdu dishes. Every meal was so exciting and really worth every penny.

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