Things I like to do

Taking photos

Wherever I go, I'm always ready to capture the wonderful moments of life with my digital camera. I don't know much about photography, but I do have some really pictures (at least I think they are.)

Watching movies

I used to stay up all night watching movies that I like. I enjoy going to the movie theatres with friends, but I still think the best way to appreciate a movie is to watch it alone at home with no outside disturbance. Krzysztof Kieslowski and Wong-kar Wai are two of my favorite movie directors. I'm also a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings!

Going to concerts

I don't go to concerts often but when I have the chance to I really enjoy them. Interestingly, something big always happen to me after I go a concert. Need an example? I went to the concert of my favorite female singer, Stephanie Sun, the night before I came to the U.S.!


I really can't remember it, but mom always tells me that I exhibited a large interest in reading at a very early age. It's true that reading always has the magic to make me calm down and fully relax. As a big movie fan I still acknowledge that one can truly get deeper thoughts through reading.


Jogging is the ideal way to refresh myself and definitely makes me feel better about my occasional overeating. I like jogging along the river bank near my home or on campus in the early morning, when everything is bathing in the mild sunshine peacefully.


Of course shopping! I never known a girl who doesn't like shopping. I like going shopping with my friends and my family. It really is loads of fun.

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