About me

I am a master's student in the College of Journalism and Communication at the University of Florida. My area of interest is International/Intercultural Communication, which I currently experience every day. Flying a long way to the United States from China with no previous experience of going abroad, I see my studying in the U.S. more than just an educational builder but also as an adventure, even though I spend most of my time in the small town of Gainesville.

You may call me as Celina, the English name I picked for myself not long after I arrived here. I like it because it sounds good, it's short, and it begins with the letter C, but I don't really know what the connotation of this name is. My Chinese first name is Xiaoxi, which means the morning sunshine and can also be associated with joyful brooks. I always get the feeling that I was shaped by my name since both images truly represent my personality.

email me: xiaoximm@ufl.edu