Family Picture I can still remember running around the house in diapers and taking pictures of my siblings with my families Polaroid camera. Even then I would constantly retake pictures if somone had moved out of place untill I was satisfied. Since then I have moved on to using some of my favorite devices: a Diana Medium Format film camera and a Nikon D70 digital camera.

When I was taking classes at Santa Fe Community College, I took my first photography class: Black and White Film Photography. From the beginning I was always in the dark room correcting and revamping prints. A hobby of mine is to to create disguise photography.

Human BricksOne of the reasons I enjoy creating disguise photography is the vast degree of creativity and imagination you can evoke from a single print. A sense of make-believe is transended from the photograph to the viewer. For the models in the photographs they are able to, for a few minutes, act as someone else and we the viewers see a glimpse into their alter egos.

Over the years, I was given various dark room equipment, but unfortuntly they are collecting dust at the bottom of my closet. My goal is to one day set up a dark room and continue exploring disguise photography.

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