Reitz Union Board Member

As a member of RUB Entertainment on campus, I have been exposed and played an integral part of planning concerts at UF. I have always enjoyed going to shows to see some of my favorite bands play, but did not realize that I would thoroughly want to be part of organizing events as I do now. Everything from planning which bands to bring to campus to thinking of new ways to market the concert to students to taking pictures during the actual show is what led me to wanting to be a part of this organization.

Minus The Bear One of the larger shows we planned and implemented was bringing Minus The Bear in fall of 2009. That was the first time I witnesses all of the small and larger details it takes to organize a production of this magnitude. Months of planning which flyers to use and where to place them around campus so that UF students will come to the free show had paid off when hundreds of students were waiting in line to get into the Rion Ballroom to see Minus The Bear.

Some of these photos were used in other promotional purposes for RUB Enterntaintment.

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