1. Beer - Sure there's a lot to do in Belgium besides drink beer, but the country's age-old, proud tradition of brewing and drinking the wonderful beverage is a significant aspect of the culture and a great way to experience it. So if you are a beer lover you won't want to miss out. In Belgium alone there are about 125 breweries that poduce hundreds of different standard beer styles, and don't expect to find PBR or Natty Lite in most Belgian bars, these people take their beer seriously.

2. Waffles - Everyone's heard about Belgian waffles (or as the Belgians call them: gaufres) but so few have actually tried them. All throughout the streets of Belgium's major cities there are vendors providing the country with its fix. But these waffles are a long way from the ones you get at IHOP or Denny's. They are bought one at a time and although they offer toppings - none of which is syrup - they are generally eaten plain. Plain however, is a terrible way to describe them. The dough is infused with cinammon and sugar and a heart-stoppingly delicious, crackly glaze of goodness coats the outside. Please, if you love yourself, have a waffle while you're in Belgium.

3. Explore - Do yourself a favor and dump the guides, screw the itinerary and do a little exploring. When you're in any new city, especially one as bustling and eclectic as Brussels, it won't be difficult to find something fun, interesting or exciting around pretty much every corner. You're there to enjoy the city, the culture, yourself. Don't stress yourself out by racing from one historic location to the next, trying to see all the "important stuff." Just relax, go for a few walks and see the country at your own pace, in your own way.