Welcome to Ivan's Space

I was born in Miami, Florida on April 13, 1988 at Jackson Memorial Hospital. I was given the name Ivan Jesus Vargas, after my father. My earliest memory recalls one day in preschool when I pushed a boy into a post. He hit his head and started to cry. I ran away, was never caught and still don't remember why I pushed him.

I love the sound of meat sizzling in olive oil, the smell of freshly printed pages in the latest issue of National Geographic. I love the feeling of my barber's electric razor, cool and vibrating, against the back of my neck. My greatest fear is boredom. I am overly ambitious, but hopelessly lazy. I often become preoccupied with things such as the origin of the question mark, clapping or kissing.

Presently, I reside in Gainesville, Florida where I study Journalism and Ethnomusicology at the University of Florida. I hope to write a book one day, to hike the Incan trail and own and operate my own restaurant.

At my bedside I keep a small cactus named Earl. He is very well taken care of.

Please explore and enjoy.