This issue is from December 2007; when I had a subscription.



This web site's colors were inspired by the image on your left. W has great content and is one of the best-designed fashion magazines. I wish I still had a subscription.


GQ is also one of the best-designed fashion magazines. I like reading it because of the "male perspective." I think some of the stories can be a bit vulgar, but that's probably because I'm a girl.

ny mag

Truthfully, I am not familiar with the print version of this magazine but I love their website and their cultural content especially the Vulture (devouring culture) section. However, it's a very New York centric publication.

ny times

The New York Times is the only paper that I get my news from. I should hate it because I've been forced to read it by more than one professor, but I love their Thursday Styles section and the Social Q's advice column on Fridays. It's free on campus, but the issues are almost always gone before 9 a.m.