Jennifer Tormo
A picture of me, Jennifer Tormo

Writer, photographer, student.

I am Jennifer Tormo, a journalism senior at the University of Florida.

When I was little, I thought newspapers were boring. The black-and-white pages were dull and lifeless. The pages were too big to hold, and the layout was confusing - why couldn't the full story appear on one page? Why did I have to flip through 8 pages to find out what happened? My hands would always get covered in dirty black ink. On top of that, the stories lacked adventure and imagination. They were nothing like "The Rainbow Fish" or "Harry Potter".

So in elementary school, I skipped the Sunday paper and read fiction. When I wasn't reading, I was scribbling furiously away in a composition book, spinning my latest tale. I wrote about twins and trees that grew money and time machines and houses with secret tunnels. I knew I wanted to be a storyteller, but never a news writer.

That all changed when I got to the UF. In my desperate search for a major, I landed in an introductory journalism course that taught me that journalism can be as vibrant as fiction. Some of the feature stories I read were more provocative than any work of fiction I'd ever read as a child. As I started my own reporting, I learned that journalism can take you places you'd never otherwise go - to concerts or foreign countries or to dorm rooms of students you would never otherwise meet.

I can't wait to see where journalism will take me next.