My obsession with travel began with a trip to Greece and Italy during my senior year of high school. I enjoyed escaping the Florida heat and my school's heavy workload. On the trip, I tasted gelato and marveled at the Parthenon. I came to appreciate the history of the Italian and Greek cultures and the newness of my native country.


But, I still had another travel destination in mind. I knew when I came to the University of Florida that I wanted to take a trip across the pond to England. My aunt lived in England at the time(she still does), and I knew that she would show me a good time. I decided to study abroad in London the summer after my sophomore year.

While in England, I interned at NOW, a London celebrity-gossip magazine. I compiled celebrity tweets for an article and promoted the magazine's Web site on Facebook. I learned that social networking and journalism have formed a relationship that seems unlikely to weaken any time soon.

I had free time on the weekends, so I took quick trips to Dublin and Paris. At the end of my study abroad program, I even completed a 10-day backpacking trip through Spain with my University of Florida roommate. We journeyed through six southern cities, and I saw enough cathedrals and castles to last a lifetime.

My return from my travels and my internship has been marked by a newfound confidence in myself and my journalistic abilities as well as several colorful additions to my portfolio. After helping with NOW's teen magazine and watching how NOW went from a flat plan to a 90-page glossy each week, I have a better understanding of the magazine production process and a stronger appreciation for the importance of deadlines.