Life in London


The Brits stick to pounds. To withdraw money in England, ask a local where you can find the nearest "hole in the wall." They don't use the term "ATM." Make sure to take out money in large quantities because many machines charge you for each transaction.



You get close to people on the tube, so close that deodorant ads decorate the walls of the trains' interiors. Load up on body spray and prepare for a crowded ride. Also, don't forget to guard your wallets and purses--theft is a common occurrence. Be sure to pick up a tube map at the nearest station. The lines are named and color coded, so find your starting and ending points and connect the dots. Be sure to mind the gap between the train and the platform. God forbid you should fall through the gap and slow down the tube service.


Hopefully you and your mates can grab a biro and takes notes on this tip. The British may speak English, but it's just not the same as American dialects. They hang with mates and write with biros. They ride the tube, not the subway, and drink lemonade, not Sprite. Whatever you do, don't throw away your trash. Throw away your rubbish. Do some online research about British versus American English before you make your journey to the U.K. Dr. Effingpot has some useful translations on his site.


Find a pub where the locals go. Believe it or not, pubs don't just serve pints. Most of them have lunch and dinner menus filled with delicious British classics like bangers and mash.