Taking breaks from reporting and studying keeps me sane and helps me relax. When I'm not collapsing under deadline pressure, I enjoy going swimming or jogging. I prefer swimming to all other forms of exercise because it makes me look somewhat graceful. When I'm jogging, I look like I'm dying a slow and painful death, so I wear sunglasses to avoid people recognizing me.


In Florida, it's impossible to spend all day outdoors, so I often retreat inside and grab a good book when I have free time. I've read Jane Austen's novels and visited her house in England. I also devour any historical fiction novel set in England. I've even stooped to reading continuations of "Pride and Prejudice," many of which are actually quite good.

Recently, spending time with my roommates and neighbors on Friday nights has turned into another sort of hobby. My neighbors Mitchell and Travis walked into my apartment at the start of the semester, and they've never really left. When my roommates and I leave our door unlocked, they come right in and make themselves at home. They also stomp on our floor to make the football players below us turn down their insanely loud rap music, and sometimes they share their ice cream.

As a matter of fact, that's another hobby of mine: eating ice cream. My family keeps about four gallons of ice cream in our freezer at a time, so it's no wonder I'm addicted. To satisfy my ice cream cravings, I make frequent trips to Freshens, which sells delicious soft serve.