University of Florida journalism student

The first time I tried writing this paragraph, I talked about myself in the third person. I found this to be both creepy and narcissitic, so I switched to talking about myself as, well, myself. I'm in the picture on the right of the screen, smiling awkwardly and sitting by a fountain. As you can tell from the giant header with my name written in the sky, my name's Carolyn Tillo.


I'm a third year journalism major at the University of Florida. I interned at NOW magazine, a celebrity-gossip magazine in London, during the summer of 2009. While at NOW, I compiled a feature for the teen version of the magazine and completed research for the editor. I also learned that Posh and Becks will always have a spot in the headlines.

Now that I'm back at the University of Florida, I'm learning that the members of our Student Government cultivate enough drama to fill 10 gossip magazines. As the Student Government reporter for the Alligator, the university's main student newspaper, I have watched earth-shattering scandals involving fake "I Voted" stickers and a Tupac poster unfold. When I'm not writing about politics, I write features for the Gainesville Sun and Orange and Blue Magazine. I also go swimming to make up for the disgustingly large amount of ice cream I consume each week.

After graduation in May 2011, I hope to get as far away from the Florida heat as possible. I would love to attend the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and then go on to work for a classy magazine that pays well. If that doesn't work out, I plan to marry rich, get plastic surgery and become a trophy wife.