Home Sweet Home

My whole family on my dad's birthday

Of course I'm biased but I've got the best family there is. My parents are both amazing, goal-oriented people who don't take one day for granted. They raised me in a great home and I'm thankful everyday for what they've given me.

Although my sister is younger than me, I've started to truly look up to her with immense respect. She's unique and never cares what anyone else thinks about her. She's confident, classy and extremely smart. Hopefully she'll come to UF next fall so we can spend more time together.

The troublemaker of the family is a 1-year-old yellow lab named Maverick. He has a fetish for chewing socks and loves to jump up in your lap at the dinner table, but we love him anyway. I've been afraid of dogs since I was a toddler when I was attacked by my neighbor's German Shepherd, but Maverick has helped me loosen up a bit. He keeps the whole family on their toes.