picture of me on a boat

Where I've traveled

I love to travel around and see new cultures. The cities in Europe that I've been lucky enough to see are: Venice, Vienna, Prague, London. I've also been too a few cities in the United States.

Because the cities I've visited are so different, it is really hard to choose a favorite. Venice was such a relaxing city. It would be a great place to go to with a family or a group of your friends, because you all could walk around together and get to know the city. The island of Murano is just a fast boat ride away, and you can see artists blow glass right in front of you!

Prague and London were both beautiful and exciting cities, but Vienna absolutely took my breath away! That city was amazing, from the museuems in old castles to the buildings ardorned with gold to the friendly people: Vienna is a city I could live in!