I have played organized soccer since I was five. While I don't play as much anymore, I coach little kids now. I started coaching the under-10 Micanopy youth team last Spring. Since we are such a small town, we field players from several of the small farm communities in the area. We also have to play both boys and girls together, and have a number of kids that play up in older age groups, but we're not alone in that way. We play against teams from other small towns around Alachua County, including Alachua, Bronson and High Springs and we have fun. I'm coaching the under-8 team this fall (although all the coaches help out with all the age groups) and we are undefeated to date. Go Mustangs! (we almost ended up being the Micanopy Hot Wings, but Mustangs won out in a narrow vote...whew!)

When I have a weekend off from soccer, and my girlfriend and I are not traveling to either Tallahassee or Fort Lauderdale to visit one of our families, then we like to explore the many parks in the North Central Florida area. We live in Micanopy, which means that Paynes Prairie, a 22,000 acre state park, is less than one mile away. The diversity of the environments in the park is really amazing. The prairie itself is of course impressive, with its own wild horses and bison, but the park also has dry scrub areas, access to Lake Wauberg, trails along the alligator filled Alachua Sink, and paths through cool wooded areas. And of course, Paynes Prairie is not the only nearby nature destination. Whether you want to spend a lazy day floating down a river at Itchetucknee Springs State Park or hike down into a unique sinkhole streaked with waterfalls at Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park, you can do it in North Central Florida.

Now that football season is back, I am happily immersing myself in the world of fantasy football. I'm only in two leagues this year, but I expect to win both. Of course, I also spend a good deal of time following my two favorite teams, the Miami Hurricanes and the Detroit Lions. One of those teams (the Lions for the uninitiated) has historically been a bit more painful to follow than the other. One of these days, that old motto, Restore the Roar, may actually come true, in the meantime, thank God for the Hurricanes.

Arashiyama Sunset

I also love to travel. While I can't currently call it an everyday hobby like playing soccer or fantasy football, I hope that I can make it a more frequent part of my life in the future.