Ashley Lauren: Job Interests

With an ever changing media landscape, I am looking forward to pursuing a number of career opportunities taking advantage of such. I have had experience in the media industry in the form of Radio and TV stations. Most recently I have found a great desire to pursue a marketing track. I am hoping to have the opportunity to make use of both my desire for media instruction and my passion of marketing with my career choices. The following positions interest me the most. For an official resume, feel free to send me an email request.

Position: Lecturer/Instructor - Department of Telecommunication

Teaching Biography

Instructor Shaw received both her Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Florida, where she focused on media programming and management. Her areas of interest stem in part from her work within media industries such as local Gainesville, Florida radio stations. Her past work has always tied her to the college market, employed in a number of positions including marketing, customer service, and production.

Shaw will be teaching telecommunication programming, and media and society courses. Her research interests include media programming with the United States, in addition to strategic competition techniques and market segmentation.

Courses Taught:

  • MMC2604: Media and Me
  • RTV2100: Writing for Telecommunication

Position: Marketing Media Director

OSI Restaurant Partners is looking for a Media Director for one of their restaurent chains in Tampa, Florida.

The Media Director Details

  • Manage media strategy, planning, buying and administration
  • Work along side with other teams, contributing to a unified communication plan
  • Create and improve upon media strategy and execution in an effort to allow for the efficient delivery of media solutionss
  • Optimize the targeting of the desired audiences (adults 25-54), and the associated role of the media
  • Act as key communication agent for the interaction with media agencies
  • Manage budgets for marketing campaigns nd processes