My Favorite Trip

My Dad at Cape Canaveral

I don't really like going anywhere outside my comfort zone. I have never left the country and have only been outside of Florida a few times.

But one of my favorite trips that I did go on was to Cape Canaveral in Florida with my father.

My father and I have always been interested in space travel. We both have read books and watched movies on space exploration. It was a great father/son experience to go together to Cape Canaveral to see all the old rocketships.

The best part about the trip was that I didn't know where we were going. My dad just took me in the car and he started driving. He wouldn't tell me where we were heading. When I finally started seeing the signs for Cape Canaveral I became really excited.

I hope to go back someday with my dad and maybe my little brother. I plan on taking my kids there someday in the future as well!