My Faith means Everything

The source of my Success...

I grew up in a Christain home in Miami Florida. My mother bestowed Christain values that I still obey as an adult. I strongly believe that my faith in Christiany is the source of all my success in life along with my good fortune at the University of Florida.I try to live the best way I can and maintian a strong healthy relationship with Christ. I pray daily and attend church as much as I can. I pick and choose my friends wisely because I like to have positive people around me. People who I can count on to push me closer to Christ. I thank my family everyday for showing me the way to Christ and helping me to understand the aspects of Christianty. I feel as though my life wouldn't be as sweet if I wasn't involved in my faith. I have endured hardtimes since I arrived at UF and I can only say that God is the source of my strength and has contributed to my success.

Over the years my faith has grown to be much stronger then it started out to be. Initally I wasn't that keen on being religious or practicing in any relgious activties. I never went to church on my own my mother would always have to force me. My feelings about Christianty changed once I came to Gainesville and was on my own. I started to become more involved in the church along with surrounding myself with positive striving people. With the help of my friends I've shaped into a well rounded indivdual who strives everyday to accomplish her goals as a successful journalist.

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