Blacklisted Magazine

A Writer's Journey....

I started writing for Blacklisted Magazine my Freshman year at the University of Florida and I loved it. The Editor of the magazine company helped me improve my skills as a writer as well as an overall well rounded journalist. The stories for Blacklisted are ocassionally viewed as contraversial but there are articles avaliable to spike everyone's interest. I remain to be an active member of Blacklisted Magazine and I love every minute of it. The Editor Ayana Flewellen allows me the freedom to write about topics I feel the public should know about. Topics about First Generation students, beauty and Homophobia on campus. Ayana has done a great job at keeping Blacklisted up and running along with providing the public with valuable information.

Stories illstrated in Blacklisted

  • The Black Agenda
  • Long Hair and Light is Right
  • Text Talk
  • Of Course it's About Race
  • Forgotten Rock Stars
  • Police Beats Special Ed. Kid
  • If any of these articles spike your interests feel free to stop by the official Blacklisted Magazine website and read more.I'm sure you'll find something you like.
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