My Biggest Blessing

Inside Look at my Loved Ones

Take Two... My Motivation

Motivation can come from many sources. Everyone manages to find different ways to get motivated. Such as motivation to do something positive with their lives and accomplish great things. My motivation comes from a group of people. In more ways than one these people have been there for me through hard times. They have always been there cheering me on to do better. Telling me to never surrender my dreams no matter the circumstances. If it wasn't for the support and love from this group of people I don't know what type of person I would have shaped into. This influential group of people are my family.

My loved ones

Take Three.... Motivation Continues

I cherish the time I spend with my family when I travel back home on the weekends and on holidays. There are never dull moments with my loved ones. We are always having fun together even if we're just lodging around the house. My family mean abosolutely everything to me. They are purely the foundation that I depend on to survive. My only advice to you is to cherish your family because there really all you have at the end of day.

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