Hollister Chick

Exclusive Footage of My Life

Take One

Ambitious, headstrong, intelligent and self motivated are just a few words that describe me. I grew up in a single parent home that occassionally struggled to make due. All I've ever known is the woman that raised me, the person who has been the background to my foreground. Over the years I've lost many loved ones and friends. Family members that I wish I could bring back and friends that I regret giving my trust to. Some people say I've changed from when they first met me. I always say that it's only because I've gotten more mature and responsible. But regardless of all the hardships I've had to overcome, I made it. I made it through the stormy weather. Remember me as the girl who didn't have much but who made something out of nothing.THIS IS MY LIFE.

Snuggles and I

My Future Plans

  • I want to start off by graduating from the University of Florida.
  • Further my education by attending the University of Columbia for Graduate school and obtain a Masters Degree in Business.
  • Venture out and start working for a Magazine company in New York city to establish my career in Journalism.
  • Hopefully between a two or three year span be able to run my very own Magazine Company.
  • Never stop climbing the corporate ladder

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