Amanda Robinson

My Interpretation

I can't pinpoint exactly when my love for writing began; I just know that without it I would be lost. Not only do I want to make writing my career, (I want to be a journalist) I just love to write period. I journal almost everyday about the little things that I experience. What I find so enticing and intriguing about writing is the uniqueness of every sentence. The way that you structure a thought and the words that you use to articulate your sentiments can have an immense impact on what eventually appears on the page. When you write something, you can put your own spin on it; it becomes yours. Writing is simply, your interpretation of life.

Below is a sample of a poem (or at least my rendition of a poem) that I wrote. It is about my interpretation of what it means to be alive.


Living, you put your best foot forward.
You press your feet into the prints of those whose journey has already ended, but they do not fit. Their prints are not directions, but guidelines; suggestions of how to walk your path.
The ground underfoot is rocky.
You will stumble.
You will fall.
It is your choice whether or not you stand.
Behind is shrouded in darkness, already walked, waiting silently for the next traveler. Occasionally you look back longingly, but never can you return to the footprints left in the sand.
Ahead lies a wall of white, a canvas open for interpretation. You will paint your experiences both good and bad. They will become intertwined with your very being.
You walk in a world of color.
You are the artist.
Some things you choose to paint, others life paints for you. It is only for a moment that you walk in this color; always changing, never lingering. Grab onto this world while you can.
On your path you will pass people and people will pass you. Some saunter down their road, others run. You set the pace.
Live for the moment, never turn back, cherish those you meet along the way. For when your road has ended and you reach the finish line, look back on your creation. These are the signs of fulfillment.
Your brushes are worn and your feet are weary.
You have painted a picture,
Worn a path,
Lived your life.
My ipod, journal and a pen; three of my favorite things