Amanda Robinson

Our Lives Are Just Picture Books With Copyrights

I think that it's kind of cool, and genius from the lyrical standpoint, to think of life as a picture book with your own personal copyright. We are in charge of taking the photographs that will be marketed to those who come after us as the life of "insert your name here." A camera on top of a picnic tableThe cool thing is that people can try to take the same photographs that appear in your book, but they will never be identical. They are yours.

I love to take photographs, and at one point in my life I wanted to be a photojournalist. For now, I am content with taking recreational photos. It is one of my favorite hobbies; right up there with collecting pins.

I remember being taught in school that some ancient civilizations believed that photographs stole a person's soul, and while I do not believe this, I do believe that every picture has a soul. I like to think that every picture tells two stories about two souls: that of the photographer and that of the photo's subject. So, in a way, all of our copyrighted, picturebooks are inter-connected.

This page features two galleries. The first, "Me and My Gang," is comprised of pictures of my friends and me doing the things that we love to do (going to concerts, the beach and just enjoying each other's company). The second gallery, titled "Beautiful Disaster," contains pictures that I have taken in my own hometown and on vacations. It is meant to depict the beauty of the United States. I thought that the title (that of a Jon McLaughlin song) was appropriate because that's what we, and this world, are... right? Just one big beautiful disaster.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then mine are worth millions to me, and, hopefully, they mean something to you...