Lauren Rizzo: Things I Like

Miley and Me Krebs and Me The Tiz, Joe and Me

I’m pretty simple girl, and it really doesn’t take much to make me happy. I have very eclectic tastes, and as you discovered in my autobiography, music plays a very large role in my life. My current favorite musical artists, in no particular order, are:

I am, of course, a HUGE Beatles fan. My dad played their music while I was still in the womb, so I don’t remember a time without the lyrics to “Hold Your Hand” engraved into my memory.

The first picture on this page is me in 2008 after I saw the “Best of Both Worlds” Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3-D movie. Yes, I was 19, but it was in 3-D! That’s another thing you should know; I love Disney. And musicals. In fact, I’d like to one day write a musical, or at least contribute to the production of one.

The second photo is of one of my best friends, Lauren Krebs. We only met a year ago, but she’s one of the loveliest human beings to ever walk this earth. I don’t know how I survived college without her. Since we share the same name, we are usually referred to by our last names in order to avoid confusion. She shares a lot of the same interests as I do, so she and I are able to hold intellectual conversations when necessary as well as enjoy more humorous subjects. I you believe in friendship soul mates, then I’m not afraid to say she’s probably mine.

The third photo is from this past June. I won a radio contest to meet Ashley Tisdale, who is an actress/singer/producer. Her claim to fame? Disney Channel’s ‘High School Musical’. Standing next to her in one of my other best friends, Joe Papa. He currently attends UCF, and we’ve been friends since freshman year of high school. Without him, high school would’ve been a lot more miserable than society sets it up to be. We kept each other laughing the whole time, and for our senior year we were able to work side by side as band captain and drum major in the marching band.

Other Favorites: