Lauren Rizzo: Nice to Meet Me

Me in Jersey

This is my first experimentation with web design, and Iím pretty much falling in love with it. I am currently an English student in my junior year at the University of Florida. Iím not completely sure what I want to do once I graduate, but I have a few ideas. Take a look around my site to see what Iím about and maybe we will both learn something!

Fast Facts

  1. I only type with my index fingers, and occasionally my thumb for the space bar
  2. I've never broken a bone, but I've had two major surgeries on my right leg
  3. I'm 50% Italian, 25% Irish and 25% Norwegian
  4. I dyed my hair auburn after I graduated high school (see "Miley and Me" photo here)
  5. I chose to come to UF before I had ever seen the campus