Amy Rigby's Hobbies

I like to...

Play guitar.

I bought a guitar about eight years ago, played it on and off for three years, and then stopped playing completely for four years. I finally picked it back up in December 2009, and I can't imagine life without it now. My guitar has gotten me through my most difficult trials. It even has a name: Gabriella.


I started two different blogs in early 2009. The first one I started is called "When the Truth is Told." It's a somewhat serious and professional blog in which I write about whatever inspires me during my college experience. To read it, you can go to My second blog is called "The Adventures of a Girl and her Ripstik." It's a lighthearted video blog about my travels around the world riding a caster board. Check it out at

Quote "Anchorman"

"Anchorman" is my favorite movie. It's a hilarious take on the news business, and although it can be extremely stupid at times, I'd say it's one of the more accurate portrayals of the life of a TV journalist. This may surprise you, but this movie actually covers a wide spectrum of emotions and issues. People hate watching the movie with me because I can quote every line.

Drive aimelessly.

Don't you sometimes wonder where that dirt road you pass every day to work leads? It can be so liberating to just drive and explore. You never know what fascinating places or people you might stumble upon.

Just play.

This is something we mastered as children, but somehow lost touch with as we got older. I love to just drive to a random park and play on the swings. Okay, so people might look at me weird, but so what? Never underestimate the power of play.

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