Heather's Travels

Kayaks on the beach, Royal Carribbean Bahamas Cruise, March 2008

Spring Break 2008

I have lived in Florida all of my life and had only traveled throughout the south until after I completed my undergraduate degree.

I hadn't even flown on an airplane until I was 22, when I went to visit family in Kentucky!

For my first spring break out of college my best friend and I and our boyfriends went on a cruise to the Bahamas. We went on a week long Royal Carribbean cruise that stopped at Royal Carribbean's private island, CocoCay, and then went to Nassau for a day.

I loved my cruise. We went to the shows on board every night, kayaked and snorkeled on the private island, and went to the Atlantis resort on Nassau. We also just spent plenty of time laying on the beach. It was a great all-inclusive vacation and an ideal trip to do with a group of friends.

Off to Indiana

In July 2009 I added to my travel log when I visited my best friend in Indiana. I flew into Indianpolis and spent a week with her. She goes to graduate school at Purdue, which is about an hour and half from Indianapolis in West Lafayette. I was able to tour the campus and her town (and fell in love with an amazing restaurant that makes crepes: Greyhouse Coffee). We also spent two days at the end of the week back in Indianapolis. We visited outlet malls, shopped 'till we dropped, and attended a George Strait concert.

Church in Indianapolis

Future Travels

It is my dream to visit France and spend time in Paris. I would like to do this before I graduate and take advantage of a study abroad program. I would also like to go on a Mediterranean cruise. I loved my first cruising experience and I think a longer European one would be a perfect way to get to explore a lot of different places without the overwhelming hassle of arranging separate travel alone. It is my plan to go on such a cruise soon after I graduate in May 2010 with my friends.

I also have yet to see snow! Since my best friend now lives in Indiana and another friend lives in Wisconsin, I plan on remedying that soon too and visiting when I will have a chance to make a snowman and have snowball fights! And it may be cliche, but I really do want to experience a white Christmas. "Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?".... I am and I'm ready to start exploring and experiencing new places.