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My name is C.J. Pruner and I will be the ringleader who will take you through the three-ring circus that is my life. I am a 3rd year journalism major at The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. I currently work as a staff writer for The Independent Florida Alligator covering stories for the city of Gainesville.

Here you will see the things about me that will amuse, enlighten, inform, entertain and flat out grab you by the collar and say “look at this, buddy!” It’s not too late, you can still get out while you have the chance (there’s probably a site out there that has bunnies, posies and episodes of "Dawson’s Creek"for those of your who are “sentimentally enhanced”) I won’t be upset, just scroll up to that friendly “X” button at the upper right hand corner of the screen; he’ll take you away from sick and twisted place…

For those of you who either wise or dumb enough to stay, you are in for a treat. Here you will find out all the ins and outs of what I do, think and like. Here, you will find answers to any and all (appropriate) questions about me, as well as receive some nifty gems of information that will make you knowledgeable than the casual Facebook stalker.

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