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Auf Wiedersehen, Gainesville! Guten Tag, Berlin!

My friends Christine (center) and Alex (right) and I near Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

I've never really been out of the country, unless you count two hours in a Mexican port while on a cruise. My travels have been those of a typical Floridian. You know, Disney World, St. Augustine, Disney, random beaches, Disney, Miami, Disney and Key West.

But, I am working to change that. I recently applied to studay abroad at Freie University in Berlin for the upcoming spring semester. I haven't heard back from them yet, but the prospect of leaving Gainesville in the dust has me super excited and very anxious.

I chose Berlin as my prospective destination because of its central location in Europe and its rich culture. I also took German 1 this past spring semester and I fell in love with the language and the culture, so I said, "What the hell, I might as well go to Germany."

But since I don't have any pictures of me in Berlin (yet), I guess I'll have to talk about my boring in-country trips.
I've traveled up and down Florida. Two summers ago I went to St. Augustine with a group of my friends. We pitched a tent, went to the beach, stayed up all night and had a marshmallow-eating contest (I lost). It was a great vacation. The picture on the left is of my friends Christine and Alex and I in St. Augustine near Flagler College. (Picture courtesy of Alex Higgins).

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