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Previous Work

These are just a few of the projects I have done in some of my past journalism classes:


In Spring 2008 I took a multimedia reporting class. In it I pretty much learned about photography, using Soundslides, gathering audio and shooting and editing video. The video to the left is my final project for the class. It was about the Dance Dance Revolution club at the University of Florida. And no, before this project I had no idea there was a DDR club at UF, either.


I recently wrote a feature about a local poet who is trying to pull herself and her daughter out of poverty through poetry. The woman, Marcee Lee Winthrop, recently published her second book and has performed her work at The Orange and Brew, Wild Iris Bookstore and the International Day of Peace Festival. The story was published in BlackListed Magazine, a online alternative magazine.
I did another piece for BlackListed, an editorial this time, about the forgotten rock stars of the fifties, like Muddy Waters, Little Richard and Chuck Berry.


Because I would be a fool to try and code my entire resume (and make it look pretty), here is a .pdf (17KB) instead.


This summer I took a photojournalism class and for the final project we had to do a Soundslides presentation on an interesting person. I immediately knew who I wanted to profile: Dr. Carl Barfield. Dr. Barfield is a professor of entomology (bug stuff) and one of the more "interesting" people on this campus.

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