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Michelle, Veronica and I table for our organization CodePink during the Student Organization Fair at the Reitz Union.
Veronica and I stand in front of the giant globe that we and two other people carried down University Ave for the Backbone parade.

I'm involved in a wonderful organization called Codepink:Women for Peace. It's a grassroots humanitarian organization dedicated to ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and reallocating the money spent there to domestic issues like education, healthcare, Social Security, etc.
Codepink is something that I really care about and it's full of amazing people like my friends in the picutre on the far right: Michelle (left) and Veronica (standing). That's me on the right with the 'fro. (Picture courtesy of Danielle Ciaravino)

CodePink has planned a lot of great events in past semesters and also for this semester. Valentine's Day of this year we held a kiss-in at the local military recruitment office. Our motto was "Make Out. Not War." We held a kissing contest and gave away prizes for the longest and most creative kisses.

Also, earlier this year we invited the Backbone Campaign to Gainesville to hold their parade. For about an hour a giant parade of puppets and people shut down University Avenue. The picture on the left is of me and Veronica and just in case you were wondering, yes, that is a giant globe we're standing in front of.

The national Code Pink Web site

The Web site for the UF student chapter of Code Pink

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