Perhaps you're wondering why it was called the Nintendo 64?

The answer to this question is simple: the console used a 64-bit CPU, which was considered highly advanced at the time.
The console's memory capacity, however, was somewhat lacking. Nintendo would eventually release an "Expansion Pak" to double the N64's RAM from 4 to 8 megabytes.

A somewhat controversial aspect of the console's design was Nintendo's decision to stick with game cartridges rather than CD's for games. Competitors Sony and Sega began using discs with their consoles, but Nintendo stuck with what had worked with all of its consoles before.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the N64 was its controller. It was designed to be held different ways depending on the controls required to play different games. Both the controller and the console came in a variety of colors, from translucent purple to gold.

Nobody ever wants to play with the ordinary controller.And here's the standard console.

(Pictures are to scale.)