Gator Football Outside The Swamp


If you are of legal drinking age and enjoy tailgating, LSU is the road trip to make. For Gator fans in the state of Florida, New Orleans is the perfect stop for Friday night in route to Baton Rouge (site of LSU campus). In New Orleans, the French Quarter will be primarily Gators. Saturday in Baton Rouge prepare to have a group of LSU fans come up behind you and say "tiger bait!" repeatedly. Prove you can match wits with LSU's finest, and chances are you will be invited to their tailgate to feast on some fine cajun cuisine. With no open container laws, every tailgate is stocked with a wide variety of adult beverages. My dad, pictured above, is very glad we took this road trip. When 2011 season rolls around, trust me, go to LSU.


If you like beaches and aren't on a budget, Miami is a fun Gator road trip. The beaches are beautiful, the pork sandwiches are the best in the states, and it's not hard to find a real mojito. Be prepared though to see your wallet shrink. South Beach is expensive, don't be fooled by "2 for 1" drink specials. But in those every few years the Gators play the Hurricanes, or go to a bowl game, it's a fun trip.