About Josh, and where to find him


Josh Nederveld is a student at the University of Florida, studying Journalism, German, and whatever else moves slow enough to be easily run down, hog-tied, and carted off before the authorities arrive.

He is an avid hiker, has worked many short-term jobs, which have left him with many odd experiences and exciting stories, even though he asked nicely for them to take all of that with them when they left.

He occasionally plays harmonica, but only when asked nicely not to.

Josh has had the advantage of being seen in many places by many people, so that no one is particularly sure where to find him. He has been spotted playing four-square, on the back porch, in a creek, shouting at pedestrians while on a bike, or driving a cab. And you thought your "Where's Waldo" books were difficult.

If you happen to see him, it is wise to approach him slowly, so as to not frighten him away, and then ask for his autograph.

You can contact him, but be sure to use small words.