"This town was meant for passing through."-The Killers

How I spend my afternoons depends on what time of season it is. Due to a self-diagnosed allergy to summer classes, in the months of May-July I can usually be found by the pool with a book in one hand and cold drink in the other. Some of my favorite novels are listed on the right.

August-June, however, my afternoon hours belong to UF. I am a fourth-year journalism student. My main interest is magazine and feature writing but I am also intruiged by broadcasting. Journalism has a wide variety of outlets and I plan to explore each of them. Also on the right you will find links to a couple of my published works.

At this point, I am finishing up my core journalism courses and an outside concentration in Spanish. I plan on interning in the Spring and studying abroad after that. My goal is to travel everywhere, see everything and tell everyone about it.

Favorite Novels

Published Work