I am a woman of many passions. A Jane of all trades if you will. This is not to say that I don't recognize the importance of choosing one thing, sticking to it, and mastering it, it's just that I want to be a master at everything! After checking out this page you should have a better idea of who I am and a greater knowledge of the eclectic mélange of things that make me, me!


Fashion shot

Soy una modela! I am a professional fashion model! I had my first job when I was two for Marshall Fields and have been in the industry ever since. I also style and do hair and makeup. More recently, my modeling career has taken a back seat to my full time job as a student, but I don't believe I will stop entirely anytime soon. Fashion is more than just what shirt you pick out or how you get your haircut. It is an extension of your inner self, the physical manifestation of how you feel about yourself and how you view the world. It is the only you the world sees.

Reading & Writing

I love writing! I always have. From my first "book" complete with crayola illustrations in my Lisa Frank notebook to angry poems in my pre-teen and adolescent diaries to my published pieces to the books I'm working on now, writing is what I do! I have always wanted to be a doctor- that and modeling have been tied at my number one dream spot for as long as I can remember- but writing has always just been a given, something to take for granted. "Of course I'll write!" I started my college career as a Biology major, and HATED IT! The day I switched my major to Journalism will forever be one of the happiest and most memorable of my life. The relief I felt, the exhilartion! Now am I where I belong! I am currently a writer for the communigator and a freelance journalist with Suite 101, an awesome resource for anyone looking to get involved with web writing or just getting published in general. I have been published in the Journal of Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare for a study I did in high school on the use of Health Information Technology among teens.

Reading is one of the most necessary and underused tools for success in our society. Not only is writing imperative to becoming a good writer and communicator but it opens doors to knowledge and experiences that we could not have otherwise. It has almost become some sort of joke, "You're reading !". But reading and writing go hand-in-hand, like macaroni and cheese, you wouldn't have one without the other! Some of my favorite books/series are:

I am currently writing a book so e-mail me If you want some more info or if you'd like to collab on a project!

I'm currently looking for a caucasian female to co-author a book with me juxtaposing racial stereotypes between blacks and whites in America today