About me

My name is Kehsi Iman Wilson and I was born June 2, 1990 in Chicago, Illinois. I am a second year Journalism major on the Pre-Med track with a Spanish minor. I plan on going to medical school (somewhere up north) after I finish up here at good 'ol UF. Writing has always been an important part of my being so as a doctor I will continue to write. I have a very eclectic set of interests and talents, which include reading, writing, modeling, cooking, cleaning, and traveling. I love people. The observation of them, the care of them-especially children. I will definitely be a pediatrician (as of right now I plan to specialize in pediatric oncology). Check out more of what I do on the works page.

I have never been fond of computers or "technology" in the more technical sense of the word. They've always seemed scary, overwhelming...a box full of infinite gidgety-gadgets and things I can't pronounce, let alone operate. However, as life becomes more and more complicated, jobs become more specialized and balance, or well-roundedness, becomes a greater asset, the need to be computer savvy increases. Luckily, learning happpens to be on the list of things I like to do as well, so this class in its importance and necessity has been slightly enjoyable...slightly.