Where to go in Germany

Berlin is not only the capital, but the biggest city in Germany. When I was visiting, there was hardly enough time to really enjoy the history and culture offered. The tight scedule just left me wanting more. The successful and innovative capital has several famous tourist attractions, including the remains of the Berlin Wall. You can stay in the city or also enjoy the sprawling parks for some fresh air.

Frankfurt was one of my favorite day trips during my World Cup travels. The Fan Fest was the highlight of the experience, where hundreds of soccer fans from around the world came together to watch the matches together in a huge outdoor setting by the river. Even if you're not there to see a soccer match, you should still stop by the Main River to get an amazing view.

Stuttgart really has it all. The museums, art galleries and amazing architechture are endless. If you are tired of sightseeing, take a day to explore the exclusive boutiques or visit the Mecedez Benz museum, which is housed in a building simliar in design to a futuristic space station. The history is important but the concept cars are worth the ticket price.